NANOPROTECT will successfully protect your investment for years
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Nano For car provides various protecting nano-coatings for automobiles. Products range from safety increasing coating for windshield - NANO-WIPE through stay-clean protection for car body, rims, chrome surfaces and lights to liquid repellent protection for seats and upholstery. The complete range of products will help you to maintain your car clean and shiny and increase safety when driving during tough weather conditions. Additionally washing cycles of protected car will be much extended.


Our products based on innovative achievements of nanotechnology guaranties highest performance up to 2 years. products do not contain polymers, silicones, acrylics, Teflon or waxes.


Depending on the type of the surface specific product should be applied. More details and visual handlings available at


Products overview:

1. NANO-WIPE - Invisible Wiper

We all know how limited our view is while driving during heavy rain. Raindrops pushing windscreen wipers to the limits of their performance. Additionally water sprayed by wheels of other vehicles, makes driving even more dangerous.
Problem was tackled by German scientists, who invented permanent hydrophobic nano-coating for glass surfaces.
As result of cooperation with German scientists came up with NANO-WIPE.
NANO-WIPE is a ready-to-use set which modifies glass surfaces into super-hydrophobic that means that raindrops fall away leaving windscreen dry. Driving even during heavy rain doesn't require use of the windscreen wipers.
Good visibility is a critical safety issue while driving, NANO-WIPE and ANTI-FOG make driving safer.



  • Long solution endurance up to 1 year or ca. 10 000 miles
  • At the speed of 60 km/h there is no need to use wipers- air resistance removes rain drops
  • Better visibility during rainfall (enhanced for 34%) and reacting time during driving by 25% (proved by University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute)
  • Easiness of removing dirt ("easy-to-clean" effect) i.e. insects, mud, dust, snow and frost
  • Relatively little costs of the product compared to its advantages (economy in wipers use, windscreen washer and rare use of car wash)

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2. ANTI-FOG for Car Windows


Autumn and winter are seasons when humidity is often so high that vapour immediately condenses on the inside surface of car windows. Most people try to remove it using their hands what is a large discomfort or even danger. Besides, clearing fog with hands forms streaks, which reduce the view at night time, especially when in the glare of oncoming traffic.
Mist on car windows may cause accidents but can be prevented by using our ANTI-FOG protection.
Available separately or in NANO-WIPE set.


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3. NANO-RIM - Rim Sealant rim nano-coating protects rims (alloy or chrome) from adherence of brake dust that can cause black or brown marks and stains on the rim surface. By repelling of aqueous and oily substances rims stay clean longer. Nano-coating modifies surface to be more smooth in scale of nano what results in easy-to-clean effect. With NANO-RIM dirt and sediments can be removed just by damp cloth or sponge.



  • Long lasting protection - up to 3 years
  • No visual changes
  • Reduces adhesion of brakedust
  • Suitable for alloy and chromed wheels
  • Saves time and money on cleaning agents
  • Dirt can simply be removed with damp sponge or cloth

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4. NANO for car paint


NANO for car paint consists of two-component mixture based on nanotechnology. Aqueous and oily liquids transporting contaminants are simply repelled surfaces so the adhesion of dirt, dead bugs and other contaminants will is reduced. Sealed car paint becomes easy-to-clean what means that small dose or none cleaning agent is needed.


Nano-coating protects the bodywork, increases weather and UV resistance and even reduces corrosion. Our sealant is acid, alkali, water and alcohol resistant. The car paint remains blemish free for longer and the need for cleaning will be minimised.



  • No visual changes
  • Long lasting protection up to 2 years
  • Beading effect of aqueous substances
  • Car wash and jet wash resistant
  • Saves money on cleaning agents
  • Bugs and dirt can be removed easily
  • Long lasting dirt and contaminant protection

Recommend mainly for cars not older than 5 years.
For used cars we recommend our NanoMultiFoam !


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5. NANO for Seats and Convertible Roof


Our nano-sealant for seats (textile or suede) effectively protects the material from staining and liquids absorption. Drink spilled on the seat doesn't soak and stays on the surface until removed with tissue or sponge. No stains or marks can be noticed. Seats soiled by pets can be quickly and easily cleaned with damp sponge or cloth.
Nano-protection seals every single fibre so dirt cannot be transported inside.



  • environmentally friendly - water based, no VOCs
  • dry cleaning resistant
  • vapour permeable remains unaffected
  • harmless to skin
  • can be applied on every textile - from finest silk to hard wearing cotton
  • resistant up to 6 months

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6. NANO for Chrome


NANO for chrome protects metal elements like bumpers, grills, slats or mirror covers from staining, fingerprints or contaminants. Sealed metal becomes water repellent and can be cleaned with damp cloth.
Our coating will not only protect but as well provide a great and shiny appearance of your car chrome parts. Protection lasts up to 3 years.


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7. NANO for Front Lights


NANO for front lights reduces adherence of dirt on the surface of synthetic materials like automobile lights. During rain all pollutants are rinsed off be water. All insects can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Protection improves brightness of your lights especially during heavy weather conditions. Protection last up to 2 years.


8. NANO-MultiFoam


Our NANO-MultiFoam is a cleaning and sealing foam based on nanotechnology. It is designed to protect car paint. Applied on old car paint NANO-MultiFoam brings back previous shines and glare. Protection provides long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease and fingerprints. Paint sealed with NANO-MultiFoam has easy-to-clean properties, what means that none or small dose of cleaning agents are needed to wash a car. Insects, mud or soil can easily be removed with stream of water or damp sponge.


  • Saves time and money on cleaning agents
  • Contaminants can simply be rinsed off with water or a wet cloth
  • Color and glare can be revived
  • Long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease and fingerprints (up to 8 months)

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NANOVIS is a photo-catalytic coating for car interior. It can be sprayed on seats and upholstery. Light access is needed to activate photo-catalytic process which decomposes negative agents.
NANOVIS is water based, none-flammable and environmentally friendly.


Air-purification Reacts with VOCs such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene from the construction materials to make safe environments without producing any harmful by-products
Deodorization Cigarette smoke, odours, smells, ammonia, methanethiol
Antibacterial/anti-fungi 99,9% reduction of bacteria and fungi such as E-coli, Salmonella, Vibrio, Staphylococcus aureus.

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10. NPS (nanosilver) for floor mates

NPS is water based solution containing nano-particles of silver. It proves high anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties and removes odours. Researches conducted by medical academies and microbiological laboratories proved 99,9% reduction of bacteria and fungi. At the same time products doesn't contain alcohols or antibiotics.

Our products was designated to protect car floor mates from mould and rot. Sprayed once performs for month.

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